Episode Zero

Published on: 2nd September, 2023

This is the first transmission from a new podcast, exploring Australia's energy transition, through chats with early to mid career professionals working towards our renewably-powered future.

Tune in for a taste of what's to come, and get in touch at hello@heremedia.studio.


Host - Mark Spencer

Music - Tom Day

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About the Podcast

A podcast on Australia's energy transition
Australia leads the world in household solar, and has all the raw pieces needed to be a renewable energy superpower... And yet.

In this podcast an early career energy professional talks to others in the wide, weird world of Australia's energy transition.

If you're climate concerned, power cost conscious, an energy libertarian, or just a good ol' grid wonk - this one's for you.

About your host

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Mark Spencer

I'm Mark, and I'm a podcast addict. I've turned my tens of thousands of misbegotten hours binging history, comedy, and everything in-between into being a keen collaborator on audio projects (climate, local stories, place-based audio especially).

I work with passionate people to turn their ideas into published projects, when I'm not working in the renewable energy space in Naarm/Melbourne.